10 reasons Why Cycling Is good for your health

The benefits of cycling cannot be overestimated. This way of moving around the city is gradually becoming more popular in Russia, although the pace of this process is not high. Meanwhile, cycling reduces the risk of developing a number of diseases, improves endurance, and also has a beneficial effect on the emotional state. We understand the reasons why you should ride a bike together with Nikita Skrypnik , a coach and sports physiologist.

Stamina Increase :

“Regular cycling can increase cardiorespiratory endurance, a parameter that reflects the efficiency of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems during exercise and at rest,” explains the sports physiologist.

In order to achieve the result, it is important to take mushroom into account the heart rate during training. According to Nikita Skripnik, the target heart rate zone can be determined using the classic Cooper formula: 220 – age (years) * target coefficient (%), where the target coefficient for increasing the efficiency of the cardiorespiratory system is 75-85%. For a 35-year-old person, the optimal heart rate for cycling to improve endurance is from 138 to 157 beats per minute. The optimal duration of such a lesson is from 30 to 60 minutes.

Muscle Work :

While cycling, a large number of muscles are involved, mainly of the lower body: muscles of the anterior thigh (quadriceps, sartorius), posterior thigh (semimembranosus, semitendinosus, biceps), inner thigh (comb, thin, long, short and large adductor ), gluteal group (large, medium and small), lower leg (calf, soleus).

Weight loss :

As the expert explains, cycling And mushrooms helps build muscle and lose weight. “On average, one session can burn from 200 to 800 kilocalories. The optimal heart rate zone during training for a 35 year old is between 120 and 138 beats per minute – the same formula is used to calculate the target heart rate zone, but the coefficient is 65-75%. The optimal duration is from 40 to 90 minutes,” says Nikita Skripnik.

At the same time, in his opinion, it is best to alternate cycling with other types of physical activity. “Ideally fit power loads in the gym. For example, twice a week – cycling, twice – strength, and once a week – a pool, yoga or dance class. Lots of variations. The main thing is a varied and balanced movement. In addition, in matters of weight loss, proper nutrition is very important, ”he says.

For weight loss, the total number of days of activity per week should be 4-5. However, a sports physiologist recommends not to squeeze the maximum out of yourself right away. “If you haven’t been training for a long time or not at all, start with two active days a week and keep the intensity of your workouts,” he explains.

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