Buy Blue Meanies You Don’t Want Yourfriends To Know About

Through Buy blue meanies that lets you know this pot over all righty so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to focus on our wrap that’s going to continue to cook . I have it on a low heat over there so when I make my raccoon um .

I don’t cut up my mushrooms really really fine because 

  • I want it to be kind of chunky there’s one thing you know about mushrooms is that they really do break down these mushrooms have all been kind of brushed off with a napkin .
  • I haven’t I don’t wash them because mushrooms retain water and if you do that you are going to have some mushy mushy extra mushrooms so.
  • We’re using some white buttons we’re using some cremini we have some maitake we have some trumpet .
  • I think pretty much any mushroom works in this except for shiitake you know shiitakes are beautiful mushrooms but they have a really.

Unique flavor 

  • I don’t think it would really work with this so we’re not going to use my tofu I mean we’re not going to use shiitake in this let’s do one more white now we’re going to do some of our mini portabellas .
  • Would also be really nice in this um I would do smaller ones which i’m going to tell on myself right now
  • I really don’t know if there’s a difference between mini and Portobello but if they are the same thing definitely use the smaller ones just because you’re thinking about the final appearance of your dish and you .

Want some uniformity you don’t want like huge slices of mushroom and then any bigger slices you want to kind of have a uniformity to it that’s warming up we’re doing about four cups about four cups of mushrooms and we’ve got our trumpets let’s see cut .

This put this in fours okay and we also have somebody talking I’m going to wait until the last minute I’m not going to cut these up these are just going to go in there because i don’t want them to