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Maitake Pulled “Pork” Sandwich

Pulled pork is great, but have you had a Maitake mushroom “pork” sandwich before? Meat-lovers everywhere are shocked by how good this vegetarian pulled pork recipe is… The Maitake Mushroom has a similar texture to shaved pork — and when seasoned with your favorite BBQ sauce and a few secret ingredients, can imitate pork quite impressively.

For vegetarians who aren’t a fan of jackfruit, or just for those looking to try something new and unique, get ready for one of the best pork sandwiches of your life. Share these sliders or make the perfect portion for you!

Mushroom Polenta with Dried Mushrooms

Similar to our marinated mushrooms in this recipe round-up, you can use dried mushrooms whenever you don’t have fresh fungi on hand. Dried mushrooms are easy to make at home and can even be ground into mushroom powder to add to shakes and liquids for extra Health nutritional benefits. In this polenta, you can give new life to plain cornmeal with a little onion and dried mushrooms.

“Rehydrate” your mushrooms by simmering them for a few minutes and enjoy a quick and tasty porridge — or allow it to solidify into a loaf. From side to savory main course, this mushroom recipe made our top list for its convenience and resourcefulness!



Butternut Squash and Mushroom Soup

This quick and easy butternut squash soup is sure to warm you right up! The Shrooms Online Canada mushrooms add an earthy and hardy taste and mouthfeel that’s often missing from other squash soup recipes. While many try this recipe handy for the fall, you really can enjoy this soup all year round if you can get your hands on canned squash.

While this mushroom soup recipe is filling enough to enjoy on its own with a thick slice of Italian bread, it also makes a wonderful appetizer when served in small cups. You can even freeze the leftovers to slurp up later.

Sometimes you just want to enjoy some crispy French fries. But we don’t always want the added fat and calories that come with most fast food fries! Make your own healthier fries at home using — you guessed it — mushrooms! When sliced, large Portabella caps can copy the shape of thick fried potato wedges. All they need is a little breading and you’ve got yourself a crispy fry, without the starch or full-feeling of potatoes.

These light, savory treats can easily fool your mind into thinking you’re noshing away on salty fries, without the calories or guilt. Serve these munchable snacks for a movie night or with a tasty burger!

More Flavor, Less Guilt When Eating Mushrooms
All of these recipes have one thing in common: their flavor is only possible using mushrooms!

If these top mushroom recipes have you feeling inspired, you’ll love our other recipes too. Download our More Flavor, Less Guilt ebook to enjoy 15 flavorful, healthy mushroom recipes.