Trump’s two sons refuse to come to testify in fraud case

New York State Attorney General Letitia James, who last month summoned former US President Donald Trump as part of a civil investigation into his business practices, is now seeking to question two of her children in the framework of the same research.



The New York Prosecutor’s Office sent subpoenas to the ex-president’s children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. who were very involved in their father’s company, the Trump Organization

which they joined as business partners after graduating from university.

In 2017, when Trump became president, the company fell into the hands of his sons and CFO Allen H. Weissenberg. With these subpoenas, the prosecutor wants to find out if members of .

The Trump family fraudulently inflated the value of their assets to guarantee bank loans in order to reduce their tax bill, according to the newspaper “The New York Times.”

In a statement released by a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, James stressed that he was “sure that our questions will be answered and the truth will be discovered, because no one is above the law,” according to several US media.

Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., however, filed a joint motion in New York state court to block the subpoenas, accusing the attorney general of making an unconstitutional attempt to obtain the family’s testimony.

For her part, James has revealed the existence of these two subpoenas in a judicial presentation, arguing that she will present a motion to block the petition of the two members of the Trump family, according to “Bloomberg”.

Both the lawyer for Trump’s children, Alan Futerfas, and the legal representative of former President Trump, Ronald Fischetti, confirmed to CBS News that they are going to present this motion to annul the subpoenas.

“Attorney General James is attempting to bypass the entire grand jury process and nullify the most fundamental constitutional and statutory rights of the parties by requesting that they provide non-immunized testimony,” stated Futerfas.

The summons for the former president and two of his children were delivered on December 2, although they were released this week, according to documents leaked to the media.

Eric Trump, executive vice president of the company, was already questioned by James in October 2020. The son of the former president estimated despite his continuous complaints about a possible “witch hunt” against the family.

sports business

10 sports business ideas to implement today

When we launched this blog, we did so with the purpose of generating a new space for information, dialogue and the search for ideas and solutions in the exciting world of sports business.

sports business

sports business

I have received a significant amount of comments and suggestions about the published content, but I was left with a comment from a 23-year-old named Roberto, interested in working in sport, who wrote to us from San Miguel:

“Luis, I have always been passionate about sports. I don’t play football very well but I am the first to organize the games with my friends and I even get the referees, the shirts and the prizes at the championships. I had a dream to put a synthetic grass court for rent but the cost of the space to put the court and the price of the grass exceeded my possibilities. What other types of businesses do you think exist and that I can apply without having a lot of money? “

Ideally, to face the challenges of an industry is to have an academic specialization in sports management and marketing to deepen our knowledge of the market, but there are other areas of the business that can be covered with specific knowledge and an important dose of passion.

Today, in response to our friend Roberto, we will show you 10 sports business ideas that you could start billing tomorrow if you already have the required skills, with little investment but yes, with a lot of love for sports.

Communitty Sports Manager

If you have followed a course in social media management and want to bring your talent and communication skills in the virtual field to the sports industry, I will tell you that there are various local and even international sports brands that have not yet consolidated their online presence.

Can you imagine the number of synthetic grass complexes or gyms that need to promote themselves on social media to win customers? Likewise, sports federations and the municipalities themselves require specific social media support to generate “engagement ” from their users.

Synthetic grass court manager

The growth of synthetic grass pitches has been exponential in the last ten years, at present there are more than a thousand synthetic pitches installed in Lima and a large part of them with the schedules covered, given the great existing demand.

If you are prepared with basic management skills and you manage your interpersonal relationships correctly, this could be your new job.

You would be in charge of managing the rentals of the various hours for companies and groups of friends, supervising maintenance, security, cleaning and you could even be in charge of marketing the local advertising.

Adventure sports agency

Peru is a privileged country due to its diverse geography and extraordinary natural landscapes, ideal for practicing adventure or extreme sports. Domestic tourism has grown 4% annually according to statistics provided by the Tourism Observatory of Peru.

However, there are few options on the market for specialists who offer this service from an agency perspective. In towns like Huaraz, Cusco or Lunahuaná you find excellent extreme sports providers that require the support of one or more agencies to increase the marketing of their services.

If you have a love for nature, you love to travel and you are meticulous to carry out all kinds of coordination. This may be your great opportunity.

Agent specialized in sports tourism

Every month on the planet a series of sporting events of great attraction take place. However, few alternatives are available from tourism professionals specialized in the sport. Can you imagine putting together a group of fans to go see the Roland Garros final in France, the NBA final in the USA or Formula One in Brazil?

It is a matter of carrying out an adequate promotion on a Facebook Fan Page, building a landing page and starting to form your travel group. Then, contact a tourism agency in the town that will hold

the sporting event, purchase tickets, book hotels, restaurants, transportation and a city tour, put together the packages, add the respective commission and you will be on an excellent path, of exciting business and travel.

Personal Trainner and / or Coach

The healthy life and the culture of the body have not only increased notably the appearance of new international chains of gyms but also the professionalization of personalized training. If you are one of the people who projects a fitness lifestyle and who also has leadership conditions, this is a good opportunity to find a new workspace. It is essential that you follow a specialization course for personal trainers and generate a personal brand regarding your services so that you increase your clients.

Sale of nutritional supplements for athletes

Continuing with the fitness line, you could become a marketer of nutritional supplements for athletes: protein powder, vitamins, mass gainers or fat burners, among other products. There are international brands and some local ones, prestigious and with various quality certifications, that you could start marketing in a personalized way or who knows, installing a “corner” (a reduced space for sale) in a gym or in a sports club. The valuable thing about an advisor of this type of nutritional supplements for athletes is that they are fully informed of the composition, benefits and side effects of each of the products they sell in order to differentiate themselves from the competition when faced with a sales process.

Sports Photographer

With the rapid advancement of social media, the need for quality content has also increased. Sports brands, federations, clubs or athletes need quality photos to share on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. Likewise, to generate content for its web pages and internal magazines. Take advantage of this opportunity, take one of the several photography courses available on the market, buy yourself a professional camera, with a wide-range lens, and start taking sports photos. It is not only a profitable activity but also exciting due to its artistic and visual character.

Athletes agent

A footballers agent to make an international transfer requires a FIFA license. But what about local players and athletes in general? How many players in the First and Second Division do not have a manager to advise them on their employment contracts, collections and to manage advertising contracts, and in their hiring as figures in sporting events. If you are empathetic, you see business opportunities continuously, you are a great public relationist, you like the world of advertising and you can conveniently advise yourself to make contracts, this job is for you. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Arbitration service

At present, all kinds of sports competitions are held in all sports, in the amateur and professional fields. All these competitions need qualified referees, don’t you think it would be a good idea to create an agency that places referees in these championships? While it is true, there are many arbitration professionals who work individually, do not forget that the union is strength and what is worth more than anything is the marketing capacity and if you are the one who gets the contracts with the organizers or Sports promoters for your compliance and criteria, little by little you will grow and they (the referees) will look for you.

Sports advertising marketing

Sport is a communication platform that has the advantage of emotionally connecting consumers with brands in a way that other advertising sectors do not. Take advantage of this insight and go find your potential clients! While it is true that there are companies that are dedicated to this area in stadiums where professional football is played, you have other markets to exploit such as amateur ones: synthetic grass complexes, tennis courts or open gyms in municipalities. To do this, you need to have knowledge of advertising and marketing. What are you waiting for to start a course to be an expert in sports advertising?