Planting and growing mushrooms

After cooling Buy golden teacher mushrooms the substrate to 22-25 C, the mycelium of the fungus is introduced: to do this in a box over the entire surface of the laid substrate, at a distance of 20 cm from each other deepenings of 5 cm, where pieces of mycelium (the size of a quail egg) are laid.

The recesses are closed with substrate, and the top is covered with paper to retain moisture. The paper should be periodically lightly sprinkled with plain water. At this time, the temperature in the basement should be within 22-24 C. Basements retain heat well, so heating will not cause you much trouble, and mushrooms in the basement will bear fruit well.

The mycelium will develop intensively for 2 weeks.

Compost is covered with a three-centimeter layer of earth (3-5% of which should be chalk). The room during this period should be high humidity. The soil is periodically moistened with a sprayer or spray. It should be noted that water should not enter the compost.

The mushroom grows fully in about 4 weeks after planting the mycelium. Re-harvest grows in 2 weeks. Fruiting lasts about 8 weeks. Mushrooms should not be cut during collection (as in the forest), they must be carefully unscrewed.

Growing oyster mushrooms in basements on logs

  • To grow oyster mushrooms in the basement, you need to prepare firewood from deciduous trees 10 cm wide and about 1.5 m long.
  • The logs are cut / cut at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Then the logs are soaked for 7 days.
  • Yes, you are artificially simulating stumps on which oyster mushrooms grow under normal conditions. These logs must be placed on racks in the basement. Shelving shelves should be at a distance of 30-35 cm from each other.

Before laying the logs, the mycelium is laid in the incisions. To increase the humidity under the rack is a container with water. The rack is covered with polyethylene. After the mycelium germinates, the polyethylene is removed. You will get the first harvest in about 3 months.