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Top 10 Fat Burning Sports To Lose Weight

Every person in this world has a dream to get fat burning sports an athletic physique. This is not so easy; it requires hard work and consistency. Weight is a growing issue nowadays which is getting a good exposure due to its enormous issues like obesity, heart issues, and fatigue which is like inviting diseases one after the other. Indulging yourself in these fat-burning sports will also sharpen your mind and memory.

1) Swimming

Calories burned per hour: 500 to 800

Swimming’s biggest health benefit is its complete lack of impact on your joints and it’s a great toner. A swimmer uses his every single muscle in his body to propel him in water, that’s including the neck and the face and the toe muscles. It develops muscle strength and fortitude and improves posture and flexibility.

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Swimming also provides an effective aerobic workout. Swimming provides the cardiovascular benefits of aerobic exercise without the high impact on your joints. Age, injuries or obesity-related conditions may require selecting a sport that doesn’t put more pressure on your body.

2) Sprinting

Calories burned per hour: 900 to 1,500

If you want to lose weight or burn calories; sprinting is the easiest sport to adopt. Sprinting makes you breathe harder consequently increases the amount of oxygen in your blood. This helps your body detoxify. Sprinting also strengthens your muscles and increases metabolism and heart rate. Performing short sprints at intervals daily increases heartbeat, blood circulation and also raise the body temperature. All these activities ultimately help you lose weight in short time.

3) Racquets

Calories burned per hour: 390 to 780

The racquet sports, including tennis and racquetball, are all vigorous activities that require constant movement as the ball flies and bounces across the court. While tennis is usually played on an outdoor court, racquetball is played in an enclosed room, where the ball may bounce off any of the four walls, the ceiling or the floor. It’s a great workout; however, you might not want to tackle this sport if you have bad knees or ankles. For the maximum physical benefit, singles are better than its doubles counterpart because you’ll cover more ground during a match. Your shoulders, forearms, and hips will get a workout even if you’re a beginner.

4) Soccer

Calories burned per hour: 600 to 900

It is also an efficient sport for weight loss because it works muscles and heart in different ways. Soccer builds more muscle mass and burns more calories by employing both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. Soccer builds and preserves muscle mass, boosting your metabolism instead of encouraging muscle loss. You don’t have to strap on the pads and risk injuries and bruises to get in shape through the team sport of football. And whether you’re on offense or defense, the running and quick changes in direction will be sure to help you tone up or drop the pounds.

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5) Basketball

Calories burned per hour: 496 to 687

It has this stretching exercise on its own. This sport can give you good height with toned body shape. It involves good running, jumping, stretching, footwork and alert mind to throw the ball in the basket. It is a good family sport too.

6) Martial Arts

Calories burned per hour: 700 to 1,100

Regardless of whether you’re practicing karate, judo, tae kwon do or any other martial art, you can’t go wrong. Any activity that has you moving quickly and in a variety of ways is sure to help tone you up, whether you’re learning a new martial art or you’re an experienced combatant. You don’t have to learn this skill with the intention of fighting or grappling. Gyms are full of people learning combat sports without the intention of stepping into the ring.

7) Gymnastics

Calories burned per hour: 334 to 500

It demands massive energy and fitness. It is a sport involving performance, power, swiftness, flexibility, balance as well as coordination. Gymnastics demand a high level of energy, best body shape, and fitness. That’s why Competitive gymnasts have some of the slimmest, most carefully-honed bodies in sports. Gymnastics is classified as a moderate calorie-burning exercise.

8) Boxing

Calories burned per hour: 800 to 1000

Boxing requires hours of training, from jumping rope to sparring before you actually hit the ring for a match. Endurance, agility, footwork, quick reflexes and fat burning sports decisions are all incorporated in the sport. In addition, you’ll burn a significant number of calories, which is essential in reducing belly fat.

9) Cycling

Calories burned per hour: 670 to 1000 calories

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Cycling is suitable for everyone, any age or level of fitness. It helps burn fats, improves health and gets you in the right shape. It also strengthens the major muscle groups in the legs: the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

10) Parkour

Calories burned per hour: 600 to 800

This sport demands a variety of different movement patterns, each of which is incredibly demanding on the core muscles. Parkour is a high- calorie-burning sport. It includes obstacle courses, running, climbing, swinging, mantling, vaulting, jumping, rolling and quadruped movement depending on the given situation. The movements you’ll execute when performing Parkour increase the total calorie burn per minute, making this one sport that will get you cut very quickly.


7 careers related to sports and health

When leaving school, one of the first big challenges you face is choosing a professional path, but if you still haven’t made up your mind, don’t worry.

Although  being confused is normal , choosing a career should respond exclusively to your interests and aptitudes, being essential to recognize what some of the professions that attract your attention are about.



In this sense, it is essential to analyze the content of the  university programs that match your tastes , since there you can find the answers you are looking for.

For example, if you are inclined to careers related to health and sports, one of the following alternatives is likely to be the one for you:

1. Sports Coach

It enables professionals for the development of sport, with an emphasis on human well-being, training and high performance, with an integrating perspective, facilitating different views of the same phenomenon, expanding.

The possibility of understanding and executing sports activities. These purposes of the program are developed by stimulating autonomy, social commitment, disciplinary integration and innovation. At the same time, it is framed under the educational model of the university that highlights responsibility, excellence, inclusion, pluralism, respect and integrity as institutional values.

The Study Plan of the Sports Coach Career responds to the changes and demands that today’s society requires, for a development in the training processes, recreational sports, competitive sports and high performance.

Likewise, it responds to the demands of a society with a high prevalence of non-communicable chronic diseases related to the lack of an active and healthy lifestyle through a community and social conception of sport and exercise.

2. Occupational Therapy

It provides the necessary knowledge to carry out physical and mental rehabilitation processes that help the patient to regain their independence, promoting well-being, social inclusion and human rights.

Although it is within health-related careers, you could work professionally in educational, justice, research, labor inclusion programs and non-governmental organizations, among others.

3. Pedagogy in Physical Education

One of the sports-related careers that has the greatest social impact because it focuses on the development of educational projects. Therefore, you will be able to access the practice of a wide variety of sports disciplines and, at the same time, train as a professional in pedagogy.

This program is for you if you are passionate about and value the importance of physical education, taking its practice to colleges, schools, universities or institutes.

In addition, it allows you to lead projects in the technical sports sector or, if you wish, you can also venture into administration or advice to professional athletes.

As you can see, it is a career with various possibilities, since at present the importance of physical education is recognized in various areas of society, being decisive for maintaining good physical and mental health.

4. Nursing

This program focuses on protecting the health of individuals, families and communities from a critical perspective.

You will obtain key knowledge in areas such as cell biology, pharmacology, public health, evolutionary psychology, chemistry and pathophysiology, among others.

It is one of the most necessary health-related careers, preparing you to work in public and private health institutions, companies, educational centers and research groups, among others.

5. Nutrition and dietetics

This career – in addition to preparing you to perform at all levels of health care – will give you the tools to perform in the area of ​​food, whether in its production, quality control or distribution.

You will develop knowledge in topics such as microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, public health and pharmacology -among others-, giving you comprehensive training for your professional development.

6. Medicine

By following this path you will be trained to practice as a general practitioner, being able to practice in both public and private health institutions, or independently, with the option of continuing.

your training specializing in the area you want. Also, you can practice in the education and research sector, without forgetting the possibility of training future doctors.

7. Kinesiology

Another of the careers related to health and sports that most attract the attention of students. It focuses on the study of human movement with the aim of improving

its functioning and positively influencing the quality of life of people, being able to work in the health, education or labor sector.

As you can see, there are several careers related to sports and health with which you can make the most of your skills. It all depends on your tastes and interests, so you must analyze your goals and choose a professional path that fills you completely.