Discover the different types of mushroom

With an exotic appearance and flavor for the Brazilian palate, mota gummies mushrooms have gained more and more space in our cuisine. They’re perfect for pairing with many of our favorite dishes – pasta, risotto, salad – and they’re still part of the Asian cuisine we love.

different types of mushroom

different types of mushroom

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In addition to being delicious and versatile, mushrooms are very nutritious, satisfy hunger and are the darlings of vegetarians. How about knowing more about each of them? Shiitake, Himeji, Mushroom Paris… discover the different types of mushroom in the gallery!

Rich in vitamin b1 this mushroom is widely consumed in Asia, sold fresh in bouquets and has two types: white and black – the latter is more expensive. With a mild flavor, it can be used in pasta, sauces or made only with butter, an ingredient that makes its taste more intense.

In addition to being very tasty, shirataki is fragrant and slightly sweet, with a different texture than other mushrooms. It can be found in white, gray and salmon colors. This fungus is rich in fiber, vitamins C and B complex and has practically no fat.

Its main medicinal feature is cholesterol control. It is originally from Europe, North America and Asia. It can be found in Brazilian forests and cultivated in both the North and South of Brazil. Its scientific name (Pleurites Osteitis) is due to its semicircular shape, resembling that of an oyster. The suggestion is to consume it cooked or breaded, in the form of tempura.