Trump’s two sons refuse to come to testify in fraud case

New York State Attorney General Letitia James, who last month summoned former US President Donald Trump as part of a civil investigation into his business practices, is now seeking to question two of her children in the framework of the same research.



The New York Prosecutor’s Office sent subpoenas to the ex-president’s children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. who were very involved in their father’s company, the Trump Organization

which they joined as business partners after graduating from university.

In 2017, when Trump became president, the company fell into the hands of his sons and CFO Allen H. Weissenberg. With these subpoenas, the prosecutor wants to find out if members of .

The Trump family fraudulently inflated the value of their assets to guarantee bank loans in order to reduce their tax bill, according to the newspaper “The New York Times.”

In a statement released by a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, James stressed that he was “sure that our questions will be answered and the truth will be discovered, because no one is above the law,” according to several US media.

Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., however, filed a joint motion in New York state court to block the subpoenas, accusing the attorney general of making an unconstitutional attempt to obtain the family’s testimony.

For her part, James has revealed the existence of these two subpoenas in a judicial presentation, arguing that she will present a motion to block the petition of the two members of the Trump family, according to “Bloomberg”.

Both the lawyer for Trump’s children, Alan Futerfas, and the legal representative of former President Trump, Ronald Fischetti, confirmed to CBS News that they are going to present this motion to annul the subpoenas.

“Attorney General James is attempting to bypass the entire grand jury process and nullify the most fundamental constitutional and statutory rights of the parties by requesting that they provide non-immunized testimony,” stated Futerfas.

The summons for the former president and two of his children were delivered on December 2, although they were released this week, according to documents leaked to the media.

Eric Trump, executive vice president of the company, was already questioned by James in October 2020. The son of the former president estimated despite his continuous complaints about a possible “witch hunt” against the family.