What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Computers

up in the morning you do what you normally do. I would eventually say a lot of you here probably turn on your
cellphone’s your computers and what’s.

The latest email what’s the latest text that comes in you start your day off like that that’s your mindset
try this get up in the morning do whatever you have to do don’t turn the computer on don’t turn the TV on go
right back to bed again either lay there or sit there and just bring.

Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Computers

Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Computers

The universe to you here’s how you do it you just be it’s virtually impossible when you first do it because
the thousand thoughts come through your head .

we’re human beings so what you do is your city and bad look at?

the wall look at the off TV set look at the ceiling look at the door look at something in the room to get your
attention and just look at it and just be for a couple of minutes not  minutes not  minutes not  days
just be
when your mind wanders find another spot in the room to look at so you’re back in present time even for
a couple of minutes now go about your day don’t

think about what you’re gonna do for that split few minutes
you’re now becoming part of a universe which is also part of global
thinking that in the process of working

on your dreams you are going to incur it incur a lot of disappointment a lot of failure a lot of pain a lot
of setbacks a lot of defeats but in the process of doing that you will discover some things about yourself
that you don’t know right now what you will realize is

that you have greatness within you what you’ll

realize is that you’re more powerful than you can ever begin to imagine what you will realize is that you’re

greater than your circumstances that you don’t have to go

Through life being a victim if Jack indicated I was born in Miami Florida the area called Liberty City.

  • in an abandoned building on a hardened Olien floor
  • with my twin brother we were six weeks of age we were adopted when
  • I was in fifth grade I was identified as EMR labeled educable mentally put
  • back from the fifth grade into the fourth grade and stayed in that category
  • until I got out of high school I don’t have any college